about me

Chris Pehura

I specializes in making end-to-end plans work from the boardroom down to the brass tacks.

How do I do this?

I achieve more with less. I achieve higher returns with less people, less effort, and less budget. I establish the big picture; a model of how your organization works from the perspectives of leadership, assets, data, systems, and psychology. I then target foundational problems using my expertise as a business engineer, manager, and coach when leading projects, programs, and strategies.. I also can bring in my team for your heavy lifting; a team of grey hair and no hair that makes your plans work. You can learn more about us at www.csuitedata.com

My industries are financial, insurance, higher-ed, healthcare, and government. I do deep research in artificial intelligence and its effective use in human capital development, data capital, business performance, and education.


Data-driven product innovations for financial, agriculture, robotics, biometric security, and supermarket pay-at-the-pump. Clients’ revenue growth ranged from 13% to 28%.

Aligned, reinvented, and restructured the business model for seven Fortune 100 companies by leveraging data and incorporated forecasting and predictive models. Clients’ revenue growth ranged from 5% to 32%. Clients’ investment cost reductions ranged from 11% to 40%. Clients’ productivity increases ranged from 17% to 25%. Projects ranged from $5 to $200 mil with programs ranging from $250 mil to $3 bil.

Set up 13 new competency centers, offices, and training programs for Fortune companies for Data, Business Architecture, Project Management (plus Agile), Business Intelligence, and Business Development.

Email me at chris@pehura.com to discuss how I help make your plans work.