My Story

Big Data.

Key Initiatives.

Key Leaders.

From board room to brass tacks best describes my expertise.

I work at all levels across global geographies on very big and strategic initiatives establishing business capabilities, competencies, and the leaders needed to move things forward. And I leverage Big Data to do it. I not only promote data as an asset, I promote data as a capital investment and a key cornerstone to how we do business.

I manage the key initiatives that changes the way our business does business. I align innovations including Big Data to take root and support operational excellence. I accelerate our journey to our new world by developing the right approaches, right conversations, and the right leaders to keep us marching forward. To keep our momentum I exercise due diligence with the 30,000 foot view down to what is happening in the trenches.

Download my handbill and call me at 226-984-8102 to learn why Big Data is different than anything we've done before.